Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet is one of the best ways to maintain the “fresh and new” feel of your home. Often times it’s easy to avoid the dirt and grime built up beneath the surface of your carpet, but instead of waiting for the stains to hit, let Mighty Fresh N Clean take care of it!

Carpet cleaning should be thorough and effective. While there are multiple methods companies will claim to give the “optimal results”, few are true. At Mighty Fresh N Clean, my goal is not to persuade you on our carpet cleaning methods based on what we believe is best. Quality results must be proven, and I want to show you why my services are  the most effective to remove dirt, dust, and stains.

Cleaning Method

Mighty Fresh N Clean starts the cleaning process with either a very low moisture cleaning method, or extraction method to remove the soil, depending on the condition of the carpet. Once the extraction or low moisture cleaning process is complete, there will be a dry method performed until the desired results are achieved. The amount of time, as well as how many times, the extraction and drying method will be performed will be based on the condition of your carpet. Call Mighty Fresh N Clean today to schedule an examination to determine the most effective method for cleaning your carpet.

Choose a professional carpet cleaner as the expert you need for a true clean!


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